Appendix C
Compiler messages

This appendix is meant to list all the compiler messages. The list of messages is generated from he compiler source itself, and should be fairly complete. At this point, only assembler errors are not in the list.

For an explanation of how to control the messages, section 5.1.2, page 104.

 C.1 General compiler messages
 C.2 Scanner messages.
 C.3 Parser messages
 C.4 Type checking errors
 C.5 Symbol handling
 C.6 Code generator messages
 C.7 Errors of assembling/linking stage
 C.8 Executable information messages.
 C.9 Linker messages
 C.10 Unit loading messages.
 C.11 Command line handling errors
 C.12 Whole program optimization messages
 C.13 Assembler reader errors.
  C.13.1 General assembler errors
  C.13.2 I386 specific errors
  C.13.3 m68k specific errors.