C.13.2 I386 specific errors

repeat prefix and a segment override on <= i386 ...
A problem with interrupts and a prefix instruction may occur and may cause false results on 386 and earlier computers.
Fwait can cause emulation problems with emu387
This warning is reported when using the FWAIT instruction. It can cause emulation problems on systems which use the em387.dxe emulator.
You need GNU as version = 2.81 to compile this MMX code
MMX assembler code can only be compiled using GAS v2.8.1 or later.
NEAR ignored
FAR ignored
NEAR and FAR are ignored in the Intel assemblers, but are still accepted for compatibility with the 16-bit code model.
Invalid size for MOVSX/MOVZX
16-bit base in 32-bit segment
16-bit index in 32-bit segment
16-bit addressing is not supported. You must use 32-bit addressing.
Constant reference not allowed
It is not allowed to try to address a constant memory address in protected mode.
Segment overrides not supported
Intel style (eg: rep ds stosb) segment overrides are not supported by the assembler parser.
Expressions of the form [sreg:reg...] are currently not supported
To access a memory operand in a different segment, you should use the sreg:[reg...] syntax instead of [sreg:reg...]
Size suffix and destination register do not match
In intel AT&T syntax, you are using a register size which does not concord with the operand size specified.
Invalid assembler syntax. No ref with brackets
Trying to use a negative index register
Local symbols not allowed as references
Invalid operand in bracket expression
Invalid symbol name:
Invalid Reference syntax
Invalid string as opcode operand:
Null label references are not allowed
Using a defined name as a local label
Invalid constant symbol
Invalid constant expression
/ at beginning of line not allowed
NOR not supported
Invalid floating point register name
Invalid floating point constant:
Asm syntax error - Should start with bracket
Asm syntax error - register:
Asm syntax error - in opcode operand
Invalid String expression
Constant expression out of bounds
Invalid or missing opcode
Invalid real constant expression
Parenthesis are not allowed
Invalid Reference
Cannot use __SELF outside a method
Cannot use __OLDEBP outside a nested procedure
Invalid segment override expression
Strings not allowed as constants
Switching sections is not allowed in an assembler block
Invalid global definition
Line separator expected
Invalid local common definition
Invalid global common definition
assembler code not returned to text
invalid opcode size
Invalid character:
Invalid character:
Unsupported opcode
Invalid suffix for intel assembler
Extended not supported in this mode
Comp not supported in this mode
Invalid Operand:
Override operator not supported