G.1 Download via Subversion

All Free Pascal sources are in subversion, and can be downloaded anonymously from the Subversion server. With a suitable Subversion client, the following locations can be used:


This repository contains the latest sources of the compiler, RTL and packages. This is the active development branch.

The documentation and all examples from the documentation are in the following repository


All the files needed to make a release can be retrieved from


This repository contains external links to the other 2 repositories, and contains all scripts, demos and other files needed to construct a new release of Free Pascal.

Free Pascal maintains a fixes branch, which is used to create new releases after a major version change. The branches are located in


Where X and Y make up the major release number of Free Pascal. For instance, the fixes used to make the 2.6.x versions of Free Pascal are available in


The Subversion archive is mirrored on the server