6.4 The Menu

The main menu (the gray bar at the top of the IDE) provides access to all the functionality of the IDE. It also contains a clock, displaying the current time. The menu is always available, except when a dialog is opened. If a dialog is opened, it must be closed first in order to access the menu.

In certain windows, a local menu is also available. The local menu will appear where the cursor is, and provides additional commands that are context-sensitive.

  6.4.1 Accessing the menu
  6.4.2 The File menu
  6.4.3 The Edit menu
  6.4.4 The Search menu
  6.4.5 The Run menu
  6.4.6 The Compile menu
  6.4.7 The Debug menu
  6.4.8 The Tools menu
  6.4.9 The Options menu
  6.4.10 The Window menu
  6.4.11 The Help menu