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Base stream class


Source position: objects.pp line 275

type TStream = object(TObject)

  Status: Integer;


Current stream status

  ErrorInfo: Integer;


Additional error info when there is an error.

  StreamSize: LongInt;


Current size of the stream

  Position: LongInt;


Current Stream position

  TPCompatible: Boolean;


If set to True streamed data is written in a TP compatible format.

  constructor Init;


Constructor for TStream instance

  function Get;


Read an object definition from the stream.

  function StrRead;


Read a null-terminated string from the stream.

  function GetPos; virtual;


Return current position in the stream

  function GetSize; virtual;


Return the size of the stream.

  function ReadStr;


Read a shortstring from the stream.

  procedure Open(); virtual;


Open the stream

  procedure Close; virtual;


Close the stream

  procedure Reset;


Reset the stream

  procedure Flush; virtual;


Flush the stream data from the buffer, if any.

  procedure Truncate; virtual;


Truncate the stream size on current position.

  procedure Put();


Write an object to the stream.

  procedure StrWrite();


Write a null-terminated string to the stream.

  procedure WriteStr();


Write a pascal string to the stream.

  procedure Seek(); virtual;


Set stream position.

  procedure Error(); virtual;


Set stream status

  procedure Read(); virtual;


Read data from stream to buffer.

  procedure Write(); virtual;


Write a number of bytes to the stream.

  procedure CopyFrom();


Copy data from another stream.





Base stream class



Basis of all objects


The TStream object is the ancestor for all streaming objects, i.e. objects that have the capability to store and retrieve data.

It defines a number of methods that are common to all objects that implement streaming, many of them are virtual, and are only implemented in the descendent types.

Programs should not instantiate objects of type TStream directly, but instead instantiate a descendant type, such as TDosStream, TMemoryStream.

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