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Manage a collection of pointers of objects


Source position: objects.pp line 399

type TCollection = object(TObject)

  Items: PItemList;


Pointer to list of items.

  Count: Sw_Integer;


Current count of items

  Limit: Sw_Integer;


Max number of items

  Delta: Sw_Integer;


Number of pointers to allocate when adding items.

  constructor Init();


Instantiate a new collection.

  constructor Load();


Initialize a new collection and load collection from a stream.

  destructor Done; virtual;


Clean up collection, release all memory.

  function At();


Return the item at a certain index.

  function IndexOf(); virtual;


Find the position of a certain item.

  function GetItem(); virtual;


Read one item off the stream.

  function LastThat();


Return last item which matches a test.

  function FirstThat();


Return first item which matches a test.

  procedure Pack;


Remove all >Nil pointers from the collection.

  procedure FreeAll;


Release all objects from the collection.

  procedure DeleteAll;


Delete all elements from the collection. Objects are not destroyed.

  procedure Free();


Free item from collection, calling it's destructor.

  procedure Insert(); virtual;


Insert a new item in the collection at the end.

  procedure Delete();


Delete an item from the collection, but does not destroy it.

  procedure AtFree();


Free an item at the indicates position, calling it's destructor.

  procedure FreeItem(); virtual;


Destroy a non-nil item.

  procedure AtDelete();


Delete item at certain position.

  procedure ForEach();


Execute procedure for each item in the list.

  procedure SetLimit(); virtual;


Set maximum number of elements in the collection.

  procedure Error(); virtual;


Set error code.

  procedure AtPut();


Set collection item, overwriting an existing value.

  procedure AtInsert();


Insert an element at a certain position in the collection.

  procedure Store();


Write collection to a stream.

  procedure PutItem(); virtual;


Put one item on the stream





Manage a collection of pointers of objects



Basis of all objects


The TCollection object manages a collection of pointers or objects. It also provides a series of methods to manipulate these pointers or objects.

Whether or not objects are used depends on the kind of calls you use. All kinds come in 2 flavors, one for objects, one for pointers.

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