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Base class to manage collections of named objects.


Source position: classesh.inc line 521

type TCollection = class(TPersistent)


  constructor Create();


Creates a new collection.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys the collection and frees all the objects it manages.

  function Owner;


Owner of the collection.

  function Add;


Creates and adds a new item to the collection.

  procedure Assign(); override;


Assigns one collection to another.

  procedure BeginUpdate; virtual;


Start an update batch.

  procedure Clear;


Removes all items from the collection.

  procedure EndUpdate; virtual;


Ends an update batch.

  procedure Delete();


Delete an item from the collection.

  function GetEnumerator;


Create an IEnumerator instance

  function GetNamePath; override;


Overrides TPersistent.GetNamePath to return a proper pathname.

  function Insert();


Insert an item in the collection.

  function FindItemID();


Searches for an Item in the collection, based on its TCollectionItem.ID property.

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange 2 items in the collection

  procedure Sort();


Sort the items in the collection

  property Count: Integer; [r]


Number of items in the collection.

  property ItemClass: TCollectionItemClass; [r]


Class pointer for each item in the collection.

  property Items []: TCollectionItem; [rw]


Indexed array of items in the collection.





Base class to manage collections of named objects.




Base class for streaming system and persistent properties.




Base class of all classes.


TCollection implements functionality to manage a collection of named objects. Each of these objects needs to be a descendant of the TCollectionItem class. Exactly which type of object is managed can be seen from the TCollection.ItemClass property.

Normally, no TCollection is created directly. Instead, a descendants of TCollection and TCollectionItem are created as a pair.

See also



Basic object that is managed by a TCollection class.

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