B.2 The RTL source tree

The RTL source tree is divided in many subdirectories, but is very structured and easy to understand. It mainly consists of three parts:

  1. A OS-dependent directory. This contains the files that are different for each operating system. When compiling the RTL, you should do it here. The following directories exist:
  2. A processor dependent directory. This contains files that are system independent, but processor dependent. It contains mostly optimized routines for a specific processor. The following directories exist:
  3. An OS-independent and Processor independent directory: inc. This contains complete units, and include files containing interface parts of units as well as generic versions of processor specific routines.
  4. The Object Pascal extensions (mainly Delphi compatibility units) are in the objpas directory. The sysutils and classes units are in separate subdirectories of the objpas directory.