5.3.30 th : Table header

The th table header tag is used to denote the first row(s) of a table: It (they) will be made up differently from the other rows in the table. Exactly how it is made up depends on the format. In printed documentation (latex) a line will be drawn under the row. In HTML, the font and background may be formatted differently.

The th tag can only occur inside a table tag, and can contain only td tags.


<th><td>Cell (1,1)</td><td>Cell (2,1)</td></th>  
<tr><td>Cell (1,2)</td><td>Cell (2,2)</td></tr>  

Will be formatted approximately as

Cell (1,1) Cell (2,1)

Cell (1,2) Cell (2,2)

See also: tr (222), table (214)