5.3.24 printshort : insert short description

A printshort tag can be used to insert the short description of an element in the current text. The name of the element whose short description must be printed must be given in the id attribute. Typical use for this is to repeat the elements of an enumerated type when discussion function results or possible parameter values.


<dt>float_round_nearest_even</dt><dd><printshort id="float_round_nearest_even"/></dd>  
<dt>float_round_down</dt><dd><printshort id="float_round_down"/></dd>  
<dt>float_round_up</dt><dd><printshort id="float_round_up"/></dd>  
<dt>float_round_to_zero</dt><dd><printshort id="float_round_to_zero"/></dd>