5.3.18 notes : Documentation notes (annotations).

The notes tag indicates that a particular documentation topic contains annotations. It consists of one or more note tags, no other tags are allowed They serve as annotations to the documentation, usually for the benefit of the documentation writer.

As such, notes are by default not included in the final documentation, but they can be added to them with the –emit-notes command-line option.

Notes can appear below the module, topic and element tags.

For an explanation of what can appear inside the note tag itself, see note (??).


<module name="classes">  
The classes unit contains basic class definitions for the FCL.  
<note>MVC. This unit needs more documenting</note>  
<note>FK The new class MyVeryImportantClass needs documenting</note>  

See also: note (??), module (191), topic (220) and element (173).