5.2.1 Element name conventions

As mentioned in the previous section, the element tag’s name attribute is hierarchical. All levels in the hierarchy are denoted by a dot (.) in the name attribute.

As shown in the previous example, for an enumerated type, the various enumeration constants can be documented by specifying their name as enumname.constname. For example, given the type

  MyEnum = (meOne,meTwo,meThree);

The various enumeration values can be documented using the element names MyEnum.meOne, MyEnum.meTwo and MyEnum.meThree:

<element name="myenum.meOne">  
<element name="myenum.meTwo">  
<element name="myenum.meThree">  

Note that the casing of the name attribute need not be the same as the casing of the declaration.

This hierarchical structure can be used for all non-simple types: