2.1 Compiling

In order to compile FPDoc, the following things are needed:

  1. The fpdoc sources. These can be downloaded from the FPDoc website.
  2. The Free Pascal compiler sources. FPDoc uses the scanner from the Free Pascal compiler to scan the source file.
  3. The FCL units (or their sources) should be installed.
  4. fpcmake is needed to create the makefile for fpdoc. It comes with Free Pascal, so if Free Pascal is installed, there should be no problem.
  5. To make new internationalisation support files, rstconv must be installed, and the GNU gettext package.

Links to download all these programs can be found on the FPDoc website.

When the fpdoc sources have been unzipped, the Makefile must be generated. Before generating the makefile, the location of the compiler source directory should be indicated. In the Makefile.fpc file, which has a windows ini file format, locate the fpcdir entry in the defaults section:


and change it so it points to the top-level Free Pascal source directory.

After that, running fpcmake will produce the Makefile, and running make should produce 2 executables: fpdoc and makeskel.