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Group icon resource type


Source position: groupiconresource.pp line 29

type TGroupIconResource = class(TGroupResource)


  procedure ReadResourceItemHeader; override;

  procedure WriteHeader(); override;

  procedure CreateSubItem; override;

  procedure UpdateItemOwner(); override;

  procedure ClearItemList; override;

  procedure DeleteSubItems; override;

  function GetSubStream(); override;

  function GetType; override;

  function GetName; override;

  function ChangeDescTypeAllowed(); override;

  function ChangeDescValueAllowed(); override;


  constructor Create();


Creates a new group icon resource





Group icon resource type




Abstract common class for group icon and group cursor classes




Base abstract resource class




This class represents a resource of type RT_GROUP_ICON.

Resources of this type are strictly related to .ico files: typically a resource compiler creates resources of this type when it is instructed to insert an icon from an .ico file.

There is although a big difference between .ico files and icon resources: an .ico file contains an icon, which is made of several different images (for different sizes and color depth), but while a file of this type is self-contained, when it comes to resources data is scattered over several different resources: an RT_GROUP_ICON resource only contains information about the single images, which are contained each in a different resource of type RT_ICON. The single resources are pretty unuseful alone, since they only consist of raw image data: they must be accessed in the contest of the RT_GROUP_ICON resource, which provides information about them.

TGroupIconResource provides a way to handle an icon as if it was a .ico file, via ItemData property. Single icon resources are automatically created or destroyed as needed.

Remark: This class doesn't allow its type to be changed to anything else than RT_GROUP_ICON. Attempts to do so result in a EResourceDescChangeNotAllowedException.

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