6.11.8 The switches mode

The IDE allows saving a set of compiler settings under a common name. It provides 3 names under which the switches can be saved:

For normal (fast) compilation.
For debugging; intended to set most debug switches on. Also useful for setting conditional defines that e.g. allow including some debug code.
For a compile of the program as it should be released, debug information should be off, the binary should be stripped, and optimizations should be used.

Selecting one of these modes will load the compiler options as they were saved the last time the selected mode was active, i.e. it doesn’t specifically set or unset options.

When setting and saving compiler options, be sure to select the correct switch mode first; it makes little sense to set debug options while the release switch is active. The switches mode dialog is shown in figure (6.32).

Figure 6.32: The switches mode dialog