2.1.1 Hardware requirements

The compiler needs at least one of the following processors:

  1. An Intel 80386 or higher processor. A coprocessor is not required, although it will slow down your program’s performance if you do floating point calculations without a coprocessor, since emulation will be used.
  2. An AMD64 or EMT64 processor.
  3. A PowerPC processor.
  4. A SPARC processor
  5. An ARM processor.
  6. Older FPC versions exist for the motorola 68000 processor, but these are no longer maintained.

Memory and disk requirements:

  1. 8 Megabytes of free memory. This is sufficient to allow compilation of small programs.
  2. Large programs (such as the compiler itself) will require at least 64 MB. of memory, but 128MB is recommended. (Note that the compiled programs themselves do not need so much memory.)
  3. At least 80 MB free disk space. When the sources are installed, another 270 MB are needed.