Chapter 3
Compiler usage

Here we describe the essentials to compile a program and a unit. For more advanced uses of the compiler, see the section on configuring the compiler, and the Programmer’s Guide.

The examples in this section suppose that you have an fpc.cfg which is set up correctly, and which contains at least the path setting for the RTL units. In principle this file is generated by the installation program. You may have to check that it is in the correct place. (see section 5.2 for more information on this.)

 3.1 File searching
  3.1.1 Command line files
  3.1.2 Unit files
  3.1.3 Include files
  3.1.4 Object files
  3.1.5 Configuration file
  3.1.6 About long filenames
 3.2 Compiling a program
 3.3 Compiling a unit
 3.4 Units, libraries and smartlinking
 3.5 Reducing the size of your program