Appendix F
Options and settings

In table (F.1) a summary of available boolean compiler directives and the corresponding command line options are listed. Other directives and the corresponding options are shown in table (F.2). For more information about the command-line options, see chapter 5, page 101. For more information about the directives, see the Programmer’s Guide.

Table F.1: Boolean Options and directves

Short long OptExplanation

$A[+/-]$ALIGN[ON/OFF] Data alignment
$B[+/-]$BOOLEVAL[ON/OFF] Boolean evaluation mode
$C[+/-]$ASSERTIONS[ON/OFF] -SaInclude assertions
$D[+/-]$DEBUGINFO[ON/OFF] -g Include debug info
$E[+/-] Coprocessor emulation
$F[+/-] Far or near function (ignored)
$G[+/-] Generate 80286 code (ignored)
$GOTO[ON/OFF] -SgSupport GOTO and Label
$HINTS[ON/OFF] -vhShow hints
$H[+/-]$LONGSTRINGS[ON/OFF] -ShUse ansistrings
$I[+/-]$IOCHECKS[ON/OFF] -CiCheck I/O operation result
$INLINE[ON/OFF] -SiAllow inline code
$L[+/-]$LOCALSYMBOLS[ON/OFF] Local symbol information
$M[+/-]$TYPEINFO[ON/OFF] Generate RTTI for classes
$MMX[ON/OFF] Intel MMX support
$N[+/-] Floating point support
$NOTES[ON/OFF] -vnEmit notes
$O[+/-] Support overlays (ignored)
$P[+/-]$OPENSTRINGS[ON/OFF] Support open strings
$Q[+/-]$OVERFLOWCHECKS[ON/OFF]-CoOverflow checking
$R[+/-]$RANGECHECKS[ON/OFF] -CrRange checks
$S[+/-] -CtStack checks
$SMARTLINK[ON/OFF] -CXUse smartlinking
$STATIC[ON/OFF] -StAllow use of static
$T[+/-]$TYPEDADDRESS[ON/OFF] Typed addresses

Table F.2: Options and directives

Short long OptExplanation

$APPTYPE -W Application type (Win32/OS2)
$ASMMODE -R Assembler reader mode
$DEFINE -d Define symbol
$DESCRIPTION Set program description
$ELSE Conditional compilation switch
$ENDIF Conditional compilation end
$FATAL Report fatal error
$HINT Emit hint message
$I file $INCLUDE Include file or literal text
$IF Conditional compilation start
$IFDEF NAME Conditional compilation start
$IFNDEF Conditional compilation start
$IFOPT Conditional compilation start
$INCLUDEPATH -FiSet include path
$INFO Emit information message
$L file $LINK Link object file
$LIBRARYPATH -FlSet library path
$LINKLIB name Link library
$M MIN,MAX$MEMORY Set memory sizes
$MACRO -SmAllow use of macros
$MESSAGE Emit message
$MODE Set compatibility mode
$NOTE Emit note message
$OBJECTPATH -FoSet object path
$OUTPUT -A Set output format
$PACKENUM Enumeration type size
$PACKRECORDS Record element alignment
$SATURATION Saturation (ignored)
$STOP Stop compilation
$UNDEF -u Undefine symbol