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String functions

Functions for handling strings.

Name Description
AnsiCompareStr Compare two strings
AnsiCompareText Compare two strings, case insensitive
AnsiExtractQuotedStr Removes quotes from string
AnsiLastChar Get last character of string
AnsiLowerCase Convert string to all-lowercase
AnsiQuotedStr Qoutes a string
AnsiStrComp Compare strings case-sensitive
AnsiStrIComp Compare strings case-insensitive
AnsiStrLComp Compare L characters of strings case sensitive
AnsiStrLIComp Compare L characters of strings case insensitive
AnsiStrLastChar Get last character of string
AnsiStrLower Convert string to all-lowercase
AnsiStrUpper Convert string to all-uppercase
AnsiUpperCase Convert string to all-uppercase
AppendStr Append 2 strings
AssignStr Assign value of strings on heap
CompareStr Compare two strings case sensitive
CompareText Compare two strings case insensitive
DisposeStr Remove string from heap
IsValidIdent Is string a valid pascal identifier
LastDelimiter Last occurance of character in a string
LeftStr Get first N characters of a string
LoadStr Load string from resources
LowerCase Convert string to all-lowercase
NewStr Allocate new string on heap
RightStr Get last N characters of a string
StrAlloc Allocate memory for string
StrBufSize Reserve memory for a string
StrDispose Remove string from heap
StrPas Convert PChar to pascal string
StrPCopy Copy pascal string
StrPLCopy Copy N bytes of pascal string
UpperCase Convert string to all-uppercase

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