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Reference for unit 'sharemem'

Shared memory memory manager (windows)




The system unit


sharemem implements a shared memory manager. Including this unit will replace the standard memory manager with a memory manager which uses shared memory. This means the memory allocated by this unit can be managed by a program and a DLL if they both use the shared memory manager: it allows, amongst other things, to pass ansistrings or unicode strings from a program to a DLL and vice versa.

This unit does not implement any routines: all actions to replace the memory manager are performed in the initialization section of the unit. The unit should be placed as the first unit in a program or DLL's uses section, memory corruption may occur if the unit is not placed first.

This unit requires the fpcmemdll.dll library to be distributed with both program and dll that use this unit. This DLL is distributed with the windows Free Pascal distribution.

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