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Reference for unit 'matrix'

Two, three, four dimensional matrix unit




The system unit


The unit matrix is a unit that provides objects for the common two, three and four dimensional vectors matrixes. These vectors and matrixes are very common in computer graphics and are often implemented from scratch by programmers while every implementation provides exactly the same functionality.

It makes therefore sense to provide this functionality in the runtime library. This eliminates the need for programmers to reinvent the wheel and also allows libraries that use matrix operations to become more compatible.

The matrix unit does not provide n-dimensional matrixes. The functionality needs of a general matrix unit varies from application to application; one can think of reduced memory usage tricks for matrixes that only have data around the diagonal etc., desire for parallelization etc. etc. It is believed that programmers that do use n-dimensional matrices would not necessarily benfit from such a unit in the runtime library.

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