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Gets the internal resource tree of a TResources object


Source position: resource.pp line 292

protected function TAbstractResourceReader.GetTree(

  aResources: TResources





The TResources object whose tree must be returned

Function result

The resource tree. It is an instance of TRootResTreeNode.


This protected method can be used by descendents of TAbstractResourceReader to obtain the internal resource tree used by a TResources object. The internal resource tree is an instance of TRootResTreeNode.

Some resource readers can improve their performance if, instead of calling TResources.Add, add themselves resources to the internal tree used by a TResources object.

Remark: After adding a resource to a resource tree, a reader must always call AddNoTree method to let the TResources object know about the newly-added resource.

See also



Adds a resource without updating the internal tree



The root node in a resource tree

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