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The raw resource data stream


Source position: resource.pp line 175

public property TAbstractResource.RawData : TStream
  read GetRawData;


This property provides access to the resource raw data in a stream-like way.

When a resource has been read from a stream, RawData redirects read operations to the original stream. When RawData is written to, a copy-on-write mechanism copies data from the original stream to a memory stream.

The copy-on-write behaviour can be controlled via CacheData property.

Note that for some predefined resource types there are better ways to read and write resource data: some resource types use specific formats, so RawData might not always be what one expected. E.g. in a resource of type RT_BITMAP, RawData doesn't contain a valid BMP file: in this case it's better to use BitmapData stream of TBitmapResource class to work with a BMP-like stream.

Remark: When writing to a "specialized" stream in a descendant class (like the TBitmapResource.BitmapData stream mentioned earlier), RawData contents might not be valid anymore. If you need to access RawData again, be sure to call UpdateRawData method first.

Usually there isn't much penalty in using specialized streams in descendant classes, since data isn't duplicated in two or more streams, whenever possible. So, having a very large bitmap resource and reading/writing it via TBitmapResource.BitmapData doesn't mean the bitmap is allocated two times.

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