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This package contains a library to easily work with Microsoft Windows resources in a cross-platform way.

Classes are provided to create, load and write resources from/to different file formats in a transparent way, and to handle most common resource types without having to deal with their internal format.

Whenever possible data caching is performed, helped by a copy-on-write mechanism. This improves performance especially when converting big resources from a file format to another.

Since fcl-res architecture is extensible, it's always possible to extend the library with custom resource types or new file readers/writers.

Please note that resources aren't limited to Windows platform: Free Pascal can use them also on ELF and Mach-O targets. Moreover, this library can be useful for cross-compilation purposes even on other targets.

It is highly recommended to read Basic Usage topic if you are approaching this library for the first time.

Documentation generated on: Sep 28 2017