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Retrieving Schema Information

Schema Information (lists of available database objects) can be retrieved using some specialized calls in TSQLConnection:

These calls are pretty straightforward and need little explanation. A more versatile system is the schema info query: the TCustomSQLQuery.SetSchemaInfo method can be used to create a result set (dataset) with schema information. The parameter SchemaType determines the resulting information when the dataset is opened. The following information can be requested:

Retrieves the list of user Tables in database. This is used internally by TSQLConnection.GetTableNames.
Retrieves the list of system Tables in database. This is used internally by TSQLConnection.GetTableNames when the system tables are requested
Retrieves a list of stored procedures in database. This is used internally by TSQLConnection.GetProcedureNames.
Retrieves the list of columns (fields) in a table. This is used internally by TSQLConnection.GetFieldNames.
This retrieves the parameters for a stored procedure.
Retrieves the indexes for one or more tables. (currently not implemented)
Retrieves packages for databases that support them. (currently not implemented).

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